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Warning! This page contains a confusing description! Read below for more details.

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Warning: Bob Kerry did a good job posting the warning about the rappel on Elephant's Trunk, "If you feel Lucky..." Unfortunately, this description is not good: "...the anchors at the end of the rappel are 160' and far to the right of where you think they should be." Which direction is right? Is it right when you are looking out from the rappel anchors or right as you are facing the wall rappelling? North or south would have been more descriptive.

I have done this climb once. I saw the warning in Bob's book so I asked a friend to go along - he had done the climb within the previous year. Unfortunately, he had a very poor memory... so we had an epic... which was primarily due to the rappel... I was going to write it up but I didn't want to defame my partner (I also damaged my camera so I didn't get any photos).

Warning! Climbing is inherently dangerous and can lead to serious injury and death. If you think otherwise, make a trip to the Hall of Horrors and read the material carefully.
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