The Hall of Horrors

Blood at the base of 'Space Cowboy'

The blood of Shawn Bradley

Gordon's foot - with broken ankle and 2 pins

It's not the problem, but how you approach it...

Climbing for Dummies...

"I have been leading 5.9s in the gym. I should be able to lead 5.7 on the rock."

The three gym climbers
Joaquin Fox on a stretcher

You are out climbing. The route is easy... 5.7. You have a top-rope set up. What could be safer?

Bloody Sunday
Chop Chop!
Deju Vu!

"... and finally I was sitting on a sloping ledge and then all I can remember is stepping back over to the climb..."

Crash and Burnham

Fatal Accidents:

Bringing Alex Pendleton down...
The Alex Pendleton Accident
The Jim Boyer Accident
The Rich Thompson Accident

Rap Ring

The story of the Rap Ring

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